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From "Doron Cohen" <>
Subject Re: Extending TopDocCollector
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 13:44:35 GMT
> Sounds logical to me. After all, TopDocCollector already has a subclass
> (TopFieldDocCollector), and it is quite natural that users might want to
> add more - to implement different sorting mechanisms (e.g., according
> to payloads, database data, or whatever).
> Does anyone disagree? Is there a reason why this change should not be done?

I didn't find any reason not to do this.
One way to bypass this is to create your collector in the same package,
though I can see this is not always convenient.
Out of curiosity I looked for other place in the code where a data member is
declared protected.
spanFilter in CachingSpanFilter is an example for one.

> I do not see any issue with this, so if you agree, I'll open a JIRA issue
> and post a patch.

Please do.


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