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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re: [jira] Issue Comment Edited: (LUCENE-1074) Workaround in for gcj bug#15411 no longer needed
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 21:51:44 GMT
I'm the one who originally lobbied for this patch to get the number of 
patches required to compile Java Lucene (from .class files) with gcj down a 
bit. I've since switched away from gcj, using jcc [1] instead which I wrote 
for PyLucene originally.

That being said, if I were still using gcj today, I'd lobby against removing 
these patches as it can take years before a given gcj release stabilizes on 
more "arcane" platforms (read non-Linux) such as Mac OS X or Windows.

I regularly see people asking gcj 3.x questions on the gcj mailing list. 
They're not getting any help but still, it shows the inertia in upgrading to 
newer releases.

In other words, assuming that the world has had two months to switch to gcj 
4.3.1 and can use it happily on their platform of choice is rather 
optimistic. If people are using gcj to compile Lucene, reverting this patch 
now is like pulling the rug from under their feet.

>From PyLucene's standpoint, PyLucene-with-GCJ has been deprecated for almost 
a year now and these patches can go. From a wider perspective, I'm not so 



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