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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: IndexReaderWriter
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 09:42:22 GMT

I agree: getting real-time search working natively in Lucene is an
important goal.

I think as an immediate step we should get Ocean committed in contrib?
This way users can easily try it out, report back, etc.

Ocean is nice in that it operates above Lucene's core (using
InstantiatedIndex/Reader to handle the "live" additions).  Besides
LUCENE-1314 (forcing IndexReader.reopen to return a clone even when no
changes have been committed to the index), are there any other pending
core changes that Ocean needs?


Jason Rutherglen wrote:

> Hello all,
> Michael McCandless and Yonik Seeley and I were discussing the  
> IndexReaderWriter which would be a combined IndexReader and  
> IndexWriter class.  The name of the class can change.  One key  
> feature that can be added is realtime search.  Realtime search would  
> enable Lucene to have database like functionality whereby each  
> update is immediately searchable as opposed to today where each  
> update is searchable after a commit.  The Ocean code implements  
> realtime search and could provide the basis for this functionality.   
> I would like to get to an agreement on the scope and functionality  
> of the project and gather input.
> Thanks!
> Jason Rutherglen

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