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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r689978 - in /lucene/solr/trunk: CHANGES.txt src/java/org/apache/solr/search/ src/java/org/apache/solr/search/ src/test/org/apache/solr/
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2008 17:55:54 GMT
Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : fire.  Imagine everything working fine for months, docs being
> : occasionally added, until *boom* a magic limit is hit.
> : 
> : I wouldn't be opposed to a config option I guess... but I think the
> : default should be something that doesn't unpredictably break (so it
> : still wouldn't be 100% back compatible).
> I don't disagree with you (ok, i might disagree with you slightly, but 
> only on the semantics of what "default" could mean)  I'm just saying: this 
> change will break highlighting for people where it currently works, and 
> there won't be anything they can do to make it work the way it use to.
> Yes, it can be a timebomb for some people, but for others with small 
> indexes and a managable umber of terms it works just fine.
> -Hoss
I don't know if there is great way to solve this (ignoring the release 
issues you guys are considering for solr), but a simple solution might be:

In Lucene add a new rewrite method call highlightRewrite or something. 
By default it just calls rewrite, but for the handful of constantscore 
queries, they can rewrite as a Range,Wildcard,Prefix query would. Then 
you could optionally call highlightRewrite instead of rewrite before 
highlighting, giving you highlights for those queries at the expense of 
the max clause issues.

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