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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Logos (powered by)
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2008 18:34:03 GMT

: At any rate, I was just proposing something that is more "graphically
: optimal", to paraphrase your terms.  Something that is unambiguous in it's
: usage terms (because we explicitly say "use this", versus, "we're not sure if
: you can") and helps spread the Lucene brand, I guess.   A powered-by logo

Bingo.  Even if we know 100% when/how the Lucene logo can be used, and we 
write lots of words about it on the website to make it clear to people 
when/how they can use it, people still may avoid it out of legal paranoia.  

When you distribute a PNG that actually has words like "Powerd By" in the 
image, and you host it on a page with sample HTML showing how to use it so 
that it links back to ... that's a pretty concrete 
message of the "no really, take this image and use it on your site, or in 
your app."

if nothing else, we should distribute more then one size of the logo (i've 
seen some weird resizing jobs out there, some clearly done in some 
inferior image manipulation tools.)


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