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From "Jason Rutherglen" <>
Subject Re: ReaderCommit
Date Sun, 22 Jun 2008 20:06:47 GMT
For Ocean I created a workaround where the IndexCommits from
IndexDeletionPolicy are saved in a map in order to achieve deleting based on
the IndexReader.  It would be more straightforward to delete from the
IndexCommit in IndexReader.  I realize people want to get away from
IndexReader performing updates, however, for my use case, realtime search
updating from IndexReader makes sense mainly for obtaining the doc ids of
deletions.  With IndexWriter managing the merges it would seem difficult to
expose doc numbers, but perhaps there is a way.

On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 3:30 PM, Michael McCandless <> wrote:

> Jason Rutherglen wrote:
>  Is there a reason ReaderCommit in DirectoryIndexReader.getIndexCommit()
>> does not support delete?
> I think we are getting away from using IndexReader to make changes to the
> index, so, I didn't want to enable deleting a commit point from IndexReader.
>  Is is proper behavior to use SnapshotDeletionPolicy and then keep the
>> IndexCommit around?
> Likely not really.  If you intend to keep the commit around indefinitely
> you should use a better matched deletion policy that keeps track, over time,
> of what should not be deleted.  EG SnapshotDeletionPolicy does not save to
> disk which commit points are still held open.
>  What is the difference where the former does not support delete?
> Not sure what you're asking here?
> Mike
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