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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: count hits sorted by the field
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2008 03:24:30 GMT

: I want to count the hits sorted by the field.
: For example: Field: "table"
: Values of Field:"tab1","tab2","tab3","tab4"
: I need to know how many hits are in "tab1", ,"tab2","tab3","tab4" 
: How to implement it (Hitcollector, Sort?)?

1) your use of the term "sorted" in your problem statement is very 
confusing, since the example of your problem doesn't seem to have anything 
to do with sorting.  you need to elaborate on what exactly it is you are 
trying to achieve.

2) please post follow up questions/discussion regarding this topic on 

Your question is better suited for the java-user@lucene mailing list ...
not the java-dev@lucene list.  java-dev is for discussing development of
the internals of the Lucene Java library ... it is *not* the appropriate
place to ask questions about how to use the Lucene Java library when
developing your own applications.  Please resend your message to
the java-user mailing list, where you are likely to get more/better
responses since that list also has a larger number of subscribers.


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