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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Going to Java 5. Was: Re: A bit of planning
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 23:26:31 GMT
: I'm fine with the plan as far as I understand it, but can you clarify
: something for me?
: While 3.0 won't be backward compatible in that it requires Java 5.0, will it
: be otherwise backward compatible? That is, if I compile with 2.9, eliminate
: all deprecations and use Java 5, can I drop 3.0 in and expect it to work
: without any further changes?

I think that point is still up in the air, and will depend largely on what 
type of APIs start shapping up for 3.0.  I suspect that when the time 
comes, 2.9 may contain deprecations that refer forward to APIs that will 
be availbale in 3.0, but won't exist in 2.9 ... so true drop in 
compatibility may not be possible.

Then again: the main reason i suspect that is that i'm anticipating APIs 
that use generics.  i know that some weird things happen with generics and 
bytecode, so it may actually be possible to intruduce non generic 
(non-typesafe) versions of those APIs in 2.9 that people can compile 
against that will be bytecode compatible with 3.0 -- i'm not sure.

(similar questions may come up with enum's and other misc langauge 
features however)


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