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From DM Smith <>
Subject Re: Going to Java 5. Was: Re: A bit of planning
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 20:16:03 GMT
Grant Ingersoll wrote:
> All it takes is one line in the announcement saying "Version 3.0 uses 
> Java 1.5"  I don't think the significance will be lost on anyone.  
> Everyone knows what Java 1.5 is.  I'm -1 on calling it 4.0.  People 
> will then ask where is 3.0.  I am +1 for sticking w/ the plan we voted 
> for as described on 
> (last edited 
> 10/1/2007)  It's not like we are springing this on anyone.  In fact, 
> I'd be more than happy to announce it on the user list to let people 
> know ahead of time.

I'm fine with the plan as far as I understand it, but can you clarify 
something for me?

While 3.0 won't be backward compatible in that it requires Java 5.0, 
will it be otherwise backward compatible? That is, if I compile with 
2.9, eliminate all deprecations and use Java 5, can I drop 3.0 in and 
expect it to work without any further changes?

I think that is what I am reading wrt the plan.


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