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From "Steven A Rowe" <>
Subject Versioned website documentation
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 22:45:30 GMT
I noticed that the 2.2.0 release's website documentation does not contain the News item announcing
its release, unlike the versioned documentation for all other versions (except 2.3.0, which
doesn't have any News items at all):


I think the 2.2.0 version should be modified to include the 2.2.0 release announcement - one
of the things the announcement links to is CHANGES.txt.

Also, on the 2.3.0 version, the Overview page seems really sparse.  IMHO, it should be modified
to include a link to a versioned Changes.html (and potentially a versioned CHANGES.txt). 
Going forward, new versions' overview pages should also have these links.

Is it intentional, going forward, that the versioned documentations' Overview pages not include
recent News items?  If so, I find this troubling, because there doesn't appear to be an archive
of news anywhere, and I think there should be.

Maintaining what appears to be a tradition -- if you look at the older versions' documentation's
front pages -- of archiving news by release may be a cheap way to archive news.

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