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From "Tzvika Barenholz" <>
Subject some minor fixes
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 20:12:29 GMT
Hello good people of Lucene!

I've been using Lucene for a long while, but have only recently had occasion
to checkout the source code from the trunk and build it myself. When I did
so, I was alerted by my IDE (IDEA) of a large number of irregularities in
the code, some of them serious, most not. I made a patch containing some of
the obvious fixes: StringBuffer.append in stead of concatenation, Boolean
static instances instead of construction, System.arraycopy() in stead of
loops to the same effect, and Integer.toString in stead of unnecessary
construction. Minor things, to be sure, but still I thought it best to share
the diff, if you guys should think it worth committing. I did verify that
the ant common.test target passes after the change, which, unsurprisingly,
it did.

I should note that there were many many other thing that I did not change,
for the reason that they would have made an inconveniently large patch. For
example: many methods in Lucense are redundantly declared as "private
final"; many fields can be converted into local variables with the same
functionality. In some  cases strings are compared with string literals
using ==. I can give a list if anyone thinks he or she will have use for it.

That's it. Good  night and keep up the good work!

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