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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Web-based Luke
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 20:30:20 GMT

On Nov 12, 2007, at 1:21 PM, mark harwood wrote:
> I'm putting together a Google Web Toolkit-based version of Luke:
> ( Just add your version of lucene core jar to WEB-INF/lib  
> subdirectory and you should have the basis of a web-enabled Luke.)

Mark: +1   Wow!  Very nice.

> The intention behind this is to port Luke to a wholly Apache- 
> licensed codebase so it can be managed in Lucene's subversion  
> repository  (and for me to learn GWT!).

RDD (Resume Driven Development) at it's finest!

> Early results are encouraging so I would like to consider how to  
> handle this moving forward.
> The considerations are:
> 1) Are folks interested in bringing this into the Lucene project?


> 2) Where to manage it (in contrib?)

Seems like a fine place to put it for now.  But it really deserves a  
better home than that.  What about a new "client/luke" directory?   
(following on Solr's structure).

> 3) What needs to change in the build process to take GWT source  
> (Java code) and feed it through the GWT compiler to produce  
> Javascript/html etc?

Can't be much.

> 4) How to package it in the distribution (bundle Jetty?)

Yeah, that'd be nice.  Exactly how Solr does it.

> In MVC terms, having separated the Model code from the (thinlet- 
> based) View code I now also have the basis for building a Swing- 
> based UI too on the same backend.

This is very nice, Mark.  This would surely plug into Solr's admin UI  
very well also.


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