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From mark harwood <>
Subject Web-based Luke
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 18:21:26 GMT
I'm putting together a Google Web Toolkit-based version of Luke:
( Just add your version of lucene core jar to WEB-INF/lib subdirectory and you should have
the basis of a web-enabled Luke.)

The intention behind this is to port Luke to a wholly Apache-licensed codebase so it can be
managed in Lucene's subversion repository  (and for me to learn GWT!).

Early results are encouraging so I would like to consider how to handle this moving forward.

The considerations are:
1) Are folks interested in bringing this into the Lucene project?
2) Where to manage it (in contrib?)
3) What needs to change in the build process to take GWT source (Java code) and feed it through
the GWT compiler to produce Javascript/html etc?
4) How to package it in the distribution (bundle Jetty?)

In MVC terms, having separated the Model code from the (thinlet-based) View code I now also
have the basis for building a Swing-based UI too on the same backend.


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