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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: First cut at web-based Luke for contrib
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2007 23:50:48 GMT
Compiled and ran it on Vista. Very cool. I am also a huge GWT fan.

This is a great start. Only issue I ran into was also the scrolling 
issue when selecting the drive...but based on the TODO: comments, it 
appears you have seen that.

It doesn't ask permission to read your hard drive because a webapp 
running in Jetty is reading the server hard drive and sending the info 
to GWT with ajax rpc calls.

My only concern is with the size increase this will give to the Lucene 
jar. Another 17 meg - yikes!

- Mark

Grant Ingersoll wrote:
> Seriously cool!
> On Nov 28, 2007, at 6:13 PM, markharw00d wrote:
>> Any takers to test this contrib layout before I commit it?
>> This is a (17MB) zip file which you can unzip to a new "webluke" 
>> directory under your copy of lucene/contrib and then run the usual 
>> Lucene Ant build ( or at least "ant build-contrib").
>> You should then find under build/contrib/webluke/WebLuke.war plus a 
>> Jetty-based server in build/contrib/webluke/dist which can be started 
>> using java -jar start.jar. A Luke webapp should then be available on
> The zip doesn't have a parent dir, so I would put it under 
> contrib/webluke
>> http://localhost:8080/WebLuke
>> I've tested building here on XP but want to check that the GWT 
>> compile task works ok for others as the Google compiler is packaged 
>> in a platform-specific windows jar. I've tested this ant build with 
>> the windows jar on a Linux box and all was OK so I'm guessing the 
>> platform-specific bits of the google dev tools are related to the 
>> browser choices used in their "hosted" dev mode rather than the 
>> Java-to-Javascript compiler.
> Works for me on OS X 10.5 using Java 1.5.  Only minor annoyance is the 
> expansion of directories when choosing the index directory in that it 
> always scrolls back to the top, but heh, that is just a nit.
> Also, doesn't it have to ask me for permission to access my hard 
> drive?  Don't know about GWT, so maybe just my ignorance.
> At any rate, I had it up and running and browsing my index in 
> minutes.  And the Visualization of Zipfs law is really cool too, as is 
> the vocab growth graph!
> Very nice work and I imagine it will only get better.  +1 for adding 
> it to contrib!
> -Grant
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