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From "Michael McCandless" <>
Subject Re: Jira seems to be in trouble
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2007 15:26:29 GMT

"Chris Hostetter" <> wrote:
> : When I load an issue I see tons of verbose text (eg 
> : issue.operations.attach) instead of the normal links (Attach...).
> verified ... looks like resource bundle stirngs for I18N and it's showing 
> the key and not the value.

OK.  It seems to be completely down now!  I'm hoping it comes back up

> : More scary, when I click on an attachment to download it I get "error 
> : project.does.not.exist.desc".
> can't verify ... every attachment i clicked on downloaded fine ... which 
> issue are you looking at?

It was LUCENE-743.  If I clicked on the attachment from the list of attachments
on the top of the page, it worked.  But if I switched to the "all" view,
scrolled down to the bottom, and tried to click on the attachment, then
I hit the error.

> i have noticed that many "listing" type pages either time out, 501, or 
> 503 however.
> i've reported the isssue to infrastructure@ since obviously using Jira 
> doesn't work at the moment.



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