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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject whoops ... i may have screwed up the site.
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 07:21:49 GMT

I forgot that hudson now generates the site as part of hte nightly build, 
i did a manual "svn update" on and when i got some 
conflicts and warnings i still didn't remember and did and "svn revert -R 
." to eliminate any local changes and get a prestine checkout from 

Grant (et al):  I'm not sure if I've screwed things up in a way that the 
Hudson script own't be able to handle.  at this point i think i'm just 
going to leave well enough alone.

one thing we may want to consider: if the hudson pushes the site (instead 
of doing an svn checkout directly on people.a.o) we may want to remove all 
the .svn directories so if other people make stupid mistakes like i did it 
won't do anything except complain that the working directory isn't a 
subversion working repository.


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