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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject setRAMBufferSizeMB vs. setMaxBufferedDocs
Date Sat, 22 Sep 2007 21:01:25 GMT

Just thinking loud - would the API be more friendly/simple API if
maxBufDocs/Dels limits to coexist with maxBytes limit?

They seem to serve two different purposes:
- setRAMBufferSizeMB controls memory: "how much memory can be used".
- setMaxBufferedDeleteTerms and setMaxBufferedDocs control freshness: "how
many index modifications are too many to stale".

If a third setMaxStaleDelay(millis) was added it would fall into the second
group of course: "freshness".

On one hand this can always be done by the application.

On the other, the logic of "use memory-limit unless added-docs-limit was
specified" seems somewhat confusing (why only by pending adds, why not also
by pending deletions?). In addition, I saw the old use of maxBufferredDocs
for controlling memory as a compromise. Now that setRAMBufferSizeMB is
available, applications can benefit from both.

(Perhaps the reason is that this would somehow break a merge behavior in a
way that I do not understand?)

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