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From "Ning Li" <>
Subject Re: Deprecating IndexModifier
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2007 19:05:03 GMT
IndexWriter does everything IndexModifier does and more, except
"deleteDocument(int doc)". Can we reach consensus on: 1 Should we
deprecate IndexModifier before 3.0 and remove it in 3.0? 2 If so, do
we have to add "deleteDocument(int doc)" to IndexWriter?

We know how to support "deleteDocument(int doc)" in IndexWriter even
with concurrent merge (see discussion in LUCENE-847). The main
concern, as Yonik pointed out, is how users can use it, since docids
may change after segment merge. Is it possible to deprecate and remove
IndexModifier without adding "deleteDocument(int doc)" to IndexWriter?
Probably few users use IndexModifier.deleteDocument(int doc) since
it's also the case that docids may change after segment merge.

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