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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: why the mixed scopes?
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2007 23:08:19 GMT

: Is there a reason for writers to be created via the constructor and
: the readers to be created via the static scope?

I wasn't arround when those APIs were created, but i believe the main
reason for the static method was to deal with the unknown
question: will this be a SegmentReader or a MultiReader ?

In essence, it is the factory pattern -- but "poorly" implemented as a
static method (i say "poorly" because it's a subjective opinion)

IndexWriter on the other hand was implemented with a simpler constructor
API since it doesn't have these issues.  (I suspect once upon a time
IndexReader worked the same way, and the public constructor was removed
once the static method was added -- but i haven't verified this in the
anals of commit logs)

: Would it not be much more beautiful and object oriented to handle
: this using factory methods in Directory? Or perhaps even one layer

i agree with you that it would be nice if Factory patterns were used more
(and more consistently) ... but i'm not sure if Directory is the right
place to put them .. in theor a Directory is a purely abstract data
storage object that doesn't evne know it contains an index.  I could
arguable wnt to use the same Direcotry object to construct an IndexWriter,
an IndexReader and to store ancilary data i want to store using the
openInput method.

I do like the spirit of your patch -- but I don't see any reason not to go
about solving the same problem using IndexReaderFactory and
IndexWriterFactory interfaces, with things like
delegating to the "default" IndexReaderFactory (specified by a system
property or something) for backwards compatibility.


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