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From mark harwood <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Decouple Filter from BitSet: API change and xml query parser
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 17:21:16 GMT
>>I'll change the CachingWrapperFilter to use a BitSetFilter,
>>which data structure would you like to have cached for filtering in the xml query

I think Filter/BitSetFilter might be the wrong choice of object to cache in there. It is the
*data that Filters create* which is most important to cache (currently limited to a BitSet).
This data object is what I chose to call a DocIdSet and implementations could be a BitSet,
OpenBitSet or SortedVint structure in your new scheme.

When using/reusing a DocIdSet (either as part of filtering or perhaps counting how search
results have fallen into various categories) I proposed that client code should call DocIdSet.getIterator()
to get hold of an iterator for their own one-time-only use in iterating across that set.

The Filters (a service I chose to call more generically "DocIdSetFactory") also need to be
cached but only to be used as keys for equivalence checks (i.e. on a cached Filter only the
methods hashcode/equals are called). The rationale for this is that the cached Filter is the
object best placed to answer the question "is this new incoming Filter request the same as
one I have already processed?". If the cached Filter matches the incoming request (i.e. the
criteria is the same) then you can look for a cached DocIdSet held in a WeakHashMap keyed
on IndexReader. If you have a cache hit then you call cachedDocIdSet.getIterator(), otherwise
take the cost of calling newFilter.getDocIdSet(reader) and cache that result.

This is effectively how the remote FilterManager and the XMLQueryParser filter caching stuff
work with Filters/Bitsets today.

Hope this makes sense.

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From: Paul Elschot <>
Sent: Friday, 10 August, 2007 5:31:02 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Decouple Filter from BitSet: API change and xml query parser

On Friday 10 August 2007 13:12, mark harwood wrote:
> >>Could someone give me a clue as to why the test case 
TestRemoteCachingWrapperFilter fails with the patch applied?
> Regardless of the reasons for this particular test failure, this code is not 
safe in other ways which the test cases don't test for.
> To restate the issue: Matcher is not designed to be threadsafe

A Matcher is almost a Scorer, the only difference is that it does not
have a score() method. Scorers are not threadsafe, they are used
once during a query search. The intention is to use Matchers
in the same way: once during a query search in case no score value
is needed.

> and CachingWrapperFilter (or any other example of existing 
> caching strategies) cannot therefore simply be changed to
> cache Matchers in place of the existing scheme of caching bitsets 
> (which are currently used in a thread-safe manner by all Lucene code). 
> Bitsets don't offer the notion of a cursor (required for "next"
> methods) while Matcher does which spoils it's potential for 
> reuse/shared use.     

The idea is not to cache the Matchers, but the underlying data structure.

> The remoting test code you refer to uses your modified 
> CachingWrapperFilter which has swapped Matchers for BitSets 
> and so I would anticipate thread safety issues if the tests actually 
> tried to share/reuse the same Matcher.     

Thanks for taking a look at the code.
I'll change the CachingWrapperFilter to use a BitSetFilter,
and then hopefully more test cases will pass.
> >>Finally, are DocIdSet and DocIdSetIterator currently part of Lucene? I 
don't know how to go about these.
> These are two of the names I gave to a notional set of 3 services that I 
outlined here:
> I introduced this terminology to the discussion because:
> 1) It describes 2 services that are currently combined in Matcher
> that I feel need to be separated 

The idea of Matcher is that it is a Scorer without a score() method,
and no more.

> 2) It uses a more generic description of the services offered that can be 
useful when considering other applications of the services (e.g. category 
count and filtering logic both can use cached sets of doc IDs. DocIdSet 
seemed to describe the service more generically than "Matcher") 
> I'm happy to drop use of these terms from this discussion if you 
> feel they are not useful. 

I think that DocIdSet has the role of the underlying data structure that
would be cached, and that DocIdSetIterator is something very close
to Matcher or even the same thing.

Which brings me to another question: which data structure would
you like to have cached for filtering in the xml query parser?
I think initially BitSet would do nicely, but one could also take
the opportunity to use more compact data structures when possible.

Finally one of the examples classes I gave is incomplete, see below.
I wrote:
> As for the API change, how to move from the current:
> public class Filter {
>   abstract public BitSet bits(IndexReader); 
> }
> to:
> public class Filter {
>   abstract public Matcher getMatcher(IndexReader); 
> }
> The patch proposes to do this by moving all current use of Filter to
> BitSetFilter:
> public class BitSetFilter extends Filter {
>   abstract public BitSet bits(IndexReader); 

   // BitSetFilter also has:

   public Matcher getMatcher(IndexReader reader) {
      return DefaultMatcher.defaultMatcher(bits());

> }

Paul Elschot

> Would it be good to have an intermediate version of Filter like this
> one:
> public class Filter {
>   /** deprecated, use class BitSetFilter instead */
>   public BitSet bits(IndexReader); {return null;}
>   abstract public Matcher getMatcher(IndexReader); 
> }
> Regards,
> Paul Elschot
> ----------  Forwarded Message  ----------
> Subject: [jira] Commented: (LUCENE-584) Decouple Filter from BitSet
> Date: Friday 10 August 2007 01:15
> From: "Mark Harwood (JIRA)" <>
> To:
> Mark Harwood commented on LUCENE-584:
> -------------------------------------
> OK, I appreciate caching may not be a top priority in this proposal but I 
> live systems in production using XMLQueryParser and which use the existing 
> core facilities for caching. As it stands this proposal breaks this 
> functionality (see "FIXME" in contrib's CachedFilterBuilder and my concerns 
> over use of  unthreadsafe Matcher in the core class CachingWrapperFilter)
> I am obviously concerned by this and keen to help shape a solution which 
> preserves the existing capabilities while adding your new functionality. I'm 
> not sure I share your view that support for caching can be treated as a 
> separate issue to be dealt with at a later date. There are a larger number 
> changes proposed in this patch and if the design does not at least consider 
> future caching issues now, I suspect much will have to be reworked later. 
> change I can envisage most clearly is expressed in my concern that the 
> DocIdSet and DocIdSetIterator services I outlined are being combined in 
> Matcher as it stands now and these functions will have to be separated.
> Cheers
> Mark

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