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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: TREC Collection, NIST and Lucene
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 07:15:02 GMT

It's more of a chicken-and-egg problem I guess; it's the same with E.U. grants 
and local science grants over here (Poland) -- the government funds some 
projects, but who if not us funds the government? I am a strong believer that 
the results of public grants should be open and available for everyone. Maybe 
I'm idealistic though.

Fingers crossed it will work out as expected.


> Obviously, I hope the result is positive, but I don't know if precluding 
> open source is against their mission.  After all, I do understand that 
> it takes time and money to create these collections and that should be 
> valued.  By the same token, it is the Federal government that is 
> sponsoring the competition and doing a lot of the work, so it seems one 
> could argue for making a collection that is free from copyright 
> restrictions so that anyone can participate.  It is a tricky issue, 
> however, so we can hope for the best.
> I will wait a couple more days to solicit comments and then submit it to 
> the appropriate people at NIST.
> -Grant

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