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From "Michael McCandless" <>
Subject Re: 2.3
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2007 12:54:33 GMT
> Do we want to start thinking about 2.3 release in the next month or
> so, say by the end of September?


I'd like to commit LUCENE-845/847/870: I think those issues are not
too far being committable.  I'll go mark them 2.3.

> I propose this time around, during our freeze cycle, we take a good
> look at cleaning up JIRA, especially some of the older issues (<
> LUCENE-400).


> I am hoping to add a Hudson call similar to what Hadoop does that
> automatically applies patches to the trunk to see if the tests pass,
> codestyle is met, etc.  If anyone wants to help out with that, I
> would appreciate it.  Ideally, we could build something that is nice
> and portable so that other Lucene projects can use it (maybe even
> other ASF projects) It seems like it could be done through some ANT
> tasks and targets, instead of the current shell way.  Mostly, I say
> that, though, b/c I am not much of a shell scripter and is not a
> knock against the Hadoop implementation.

This would be awesome.


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