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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: ant jar-core is slow
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 20:43:03 GMT

: That doesn't seem to change things.  However, this seems to
: successfully match nothing without taking a long time doing so :)
:   <patternset id="metainf.includes">
:     <include name="FIND_NOTHING"/>
:   </patternset>

ah ... yes, because ant first compares files to the <include> directives,
and only if they match does it compare with the <exclude> directives ...
and if there is no <include> directive a default one is assumed to match
all files.

So if we really want to be safe, this should be functionally equivilent to
what we had before, but more effecient (just in case we ever add a file
named "FIND_NOTHING" to the tree) ...

  <patternset id="metainf.includes">
    <!-- use an explicit include to prevent expensive walking of subdirs
         that default include triggers
    <include name="FIND_NOTHING"/>
    <exclude name="**/*"/>

...i've also double checked that there are no other patternsets in any
build file that have an exclude without an inlcude.

Committed revision 552589.


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