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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: ant jar-core is slow
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 18:08:38 GMT
: which references this "metainf.includes" patternset:
:   <patternset id="metainf.includes">
:     <exclude name="**/*"/>
:   </patternset>
: Does this rule just exclude everything?  (I'm not very familiar w/ the
: syntax here).  EG I don't see anything besides LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt
: and MANIFEST.MF under the "META-INF" dir in the released 2.2.0 core JAR, so
: it seems like this rule isn't doing anything?

that's the patternset as defined in common-build.xml, but it can be
overridden in the individual build files -- it looks like it was put in
place for the snowball contirb...

chrish@asimov:~/svn/lucene-clean$ find contrib -name \*.xml | xargs grep -A3 metainf.includes
contrib/snowball/build.xml:  <patternset id="metainf.includes">
contrib/snowball/build.xml-    <include name="SNOWBALL-LICENSE.txt"/>
contrib/snowball/build.xml-  </patternset>

...we could eliminate that patternset and change the jarify macro to take
in nested element instead, but before trying that i'm curious: does
   <exclude name="*" /> the default patternset improve the performance?

(i'm not actaully sure how to tell which files ant walks so i haven't
tried it myself)


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