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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: The JDK 1.5 Can o' Worms
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 00:24:21 GMT

>> Also, this tid-bit seems to indicate you will be able to use Java 1.5 
>> with GCJ if you really need to.
>> January 8, 2007
>>    We've merged the |gcj-eclipse| branch to svn trunk. The merge
>>    changes gcj to use the Eclipse compiler as a front end, enabling all
>>    1.5 language features. This merge also brings in a new,
>>    generics-enabled version of Classpath, including some new tools.
>>    This new code will appear in GCC 4.3.
> There is a big difference between a compiler being able to handle 1.5 
> syntax and create correct byte code, and a runtime set of classes. 
> GCJ's runtime support is not there yet.
True enough -- I did not realize the runtime library was in such a sorry 
state. Even still, with sun open sourcing java and existence of other 
projects like Harmoney and OpenJDK, how long can this really last? 
Frankly, I am amazed at the pace of GCJ, but it is hard to imagine that 
with so much free code out there doing what they need, that it could 
take much longer to get 1.5 support.

If they don't have Java 1.5 support in another 6-12 months (with so many 
shortcuts available), why let such a laggard in the java community hold 
back Lucene? And if they are going to support Java 1.5 within the next 
6-18 months, what is so bad about a short gap time where you are stuck 
with Lucene 2.9? No one seems so upset at being stuck with Java 1.4 for 
years -- will there really be an uproar if some legacy systems need to 
stay with 2.9 for 6 months? It would be sad to expect that Java 1.5 will 
not be coming to GCJ soon.

Of course that same argument could be used to say why not just wait the 
short time period since the 1.5 features are so sugary anyway...

but with my lowly crowd vote: +1 for 1.5 in 3.0

- Mark

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