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From Ion Badita <>
Subject A bug in Lucene MultiSearcher?
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 18:19:03 GMT

I'm using MultiSearcher with 14 indexes. It's working ok, until i try to
search with a Filter.

Probable the best way to describe the problem is to give a small example:
Suppose we have 2 Indexes

Index1 {Doc(id:"A", content:".."), Doc(id:"B", content:"..")}
Index2 {Doc(id:"C", content:".."), Doc(id:"D", content:"..")}

I over simplified the structure.
Now let's assume that i have created an QueryFilter with the following
BitSet (1, 0, 0, 0). So it filters out all the documents but the first
one. Let's assume again that i search for a word that exists in all

The result after executing a query with the above filter on a
MultiSearcher is be:
Doc(id:"A") and Doc(id:"B"), this because the MultiSearcher applies the
BitSet filter from the begging of the BitSet for each Index.

Probable the right way was to split the bitset in peaces: Index1 to get
the bites form 0-1 and Index2 bites from 2-3.


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