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From karl wettin <>
Subject Re: Last attempt
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 06:53:02 GMT

27 jul 2007 kl. 02.18 skrev Grant Ingersoll:

> I think one thing I wonder about is if there is a way it could be a  
> standalone contrib package or maybe there is a way to separate out  
> the interface changes from the InstantiatedIndex stuff? That way  
> you could lobby for InstIndex as a contrib, and then a separate  
> patch for the API changes.

That is sort of what I tried with 581. I want to point out that one  
should no longer be looking at that patch. Since it was set no-fix  
and merged back with 550 I have replaced the generalization with  
aggregations (i.e. Directory does not extend index, there is a new  
class, DirectoryIndex, that points at an instance of Directory) and  
some other things in order to minimize the impact on core. It is  
visible in the UML diagram.

I'd be more than happy to spend the week required to bring 550 up to  
speed with the trunk, clean it up and split it up in multiple  
patches, but only if I knew that the core changes would be accepted.

Something like this:

* Core changes (complete definalization of Term, Document and  
IndexReader + IndexWriterInterface)
* Index (factory class for reader and writer for unison index handling)
* InstantiatedIndex (extends Index)
* NotifiableIndex (decoration layer on top of index)
* Active results cache and the other stuff that is just ideas on top  
of the two prior items.

> By the looks of the issue, you had a lot of comments and good  
> input, do you feel all the issues have all been addressed?  Just  
> asking...

I do. At least I did the last time I was looking at the code, 6  
months ago or so.

> Also, does Mike M's changes affect how you would do these things?

Not sure what you are refering to. 550 is however fairly isolated  
from the rest of Lucene.


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