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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject updating the forrest docs?
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2007 16:46:08 GMT

i wanted t ocommit a quick fix for LUCENE-936, but discovered i never
reinstalled forrest when i upgraded my box .... no problem, cehck the wiki
to see which version we use...

...go get forrest 0.7, install it run it ... uh oh, some problems.
looking at docs/index.html i see it was generated with forrest 0.8, no
worries ... wiki is out of date, i'll go get 0.8 now ... still some

X [0]                                     linkmap.html  BROKEN: Could not
find component for role:
Total time: 0 minutes 3 seconds,  Site size: 0 Site pages: 0
Java Result: 1

...poking arround online, i see someone on the derby project seems to have
had the exact same problems i had (both with a clean install of 0.7 and

...the replies this guy got when emailing hte forrest users list was that
his 0.8 error had to do with not upgrading properly (aparently the
"sitemap.xmap" in documentation/ needs to be updated or removed or
something if you use 0.8)  and there was no satisfactory explanation for
the 0.7 problem.

I noticed the problem i had running 0.7 relates to the PDF plugin, and i
remembered seeing the plugin downloaded on the fly the first time i ran
0.7, so on a hunch i scp'ed the installation of forrest i have on my work
box to my home box -- SUCCESS! ... a freshly downloaded version of the PDF
plugin doesn't seem to like our xdocs, but the older version on my other
machine did.

Just one problem: this creates a lot of cruft in the commit becuase it's
back to 0.7.

Looking at the diffs for docs/index.html it seems like the site has gone
back and forth between 0.7 and 0.8 the past week or so depending on who is
updating it (gsingers is using 0.7 and buschmi is using 0.8) and not all
of the files on the trunk are actually consistent ... some were generated
with 0.7 and some with 0.8.  Which raises some questions:

1) Is it safe to say we should pick a version and stick with it, and
update all docs at the same time so we don't have a mix of versions and a
lot of commits consisting just of template changes like these...

2) do we still want to use 0.7?  If so, does anyone understand the forrest
plugin mechanism well enough to explain how to ensure you get the "good"
version of the pdf plugin (ie: whichever one doesn't barf on our xdocs)

3) do we want to start using 0.8?  If so, then question for Michael: how
did you manage to get 0.8 to work for you with sitemap.xmap file we have
committed?  when I just flat out deleted my local copy of it, forrest 0.8
seemed to work fine -- but it's hard to be sure there were no bad side
effects since the svn diff is so big (with many files going from 0.7 to



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