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From Michael Busch <>
Subject Re: Lucene 2.2 soon?
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 18:54:42 GMT
Grant Ingersoll wrote:
> What say people about my suggestion of implementing a "code freeze" 
> for 1-2 weeks prior to a release wherein we work on documentation and 
> cleaning up JIRA?  Perhaps we _strive_ to have every committer (and 
> others are welcome) to try to javadoc a set of files or to clean up 
> some spot on the wiki or the main site?  Not saying this should be a 
> show stopper, but it would really benefit all of us, I would think.  
> Is this too much of a burden?  Anyone have other ideas that can help 
> shore up our docs?  In theory, better docs lead to fewer questions 
> which leads to more time to work on new features!


I really like your initiative to improve our documents! I also have a
couple of ideas about how to improve the website and the docs. I will
comment about this on your other thread on java-dev.

On the other hand I'm not sure why we would need a code freeze. I think
it will take longer than just one or two weeks to improve the docs
significantly. We should probably open some Jira issues for the
different spots where we want to add documentation. That way we can
track them separately and the different committers can assign those
issues to them.

After 2.2 is released we can start working then on an improved website.
I can tell you that I'm certainly motivated to improve our documentation
because I think we can have the best piece of software ever here, but if
we don't document and present if appropriately it is only half baked.
Well, I don't mean that our docs are bad (especially compared to some
other projects), but there's certainly room for improvements.

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