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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Documentation Brainstorming
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 20:54:22 GMT
Thanks for starting this, Hoss!	

On Jun 7, 2007, at 12:38 AM, Chris Hostetter wrote:

> In hte spirit of improving documentation, i've started a document
> summarizing the various comments/ideas about improving out
> documentation...
> : 3.  There is a whole lot of knowledge stored in the email archives,
> : how can we leverage it?
> One email thread down, a bigillion to go!

Back in yesteryear, I used to do Oracle work and came across a few  
bugs.  At any rate, Oracle had this automated system whereby you  
entered a TAR (Technical Assistance Request).  In it you described  
your problem and then submitted it to the system.  Before actually  
putting it into the support queue, however, it took your text and ran  
it as a query against all the previous TARs and the Oracle knowledge  
base and asked you if any of the items satisfied your question.  If  
it did, great, you were satisfied, if not you could continue on with  
your request.  I would say it correctly answered my concern 6 out of  
10 times (that might be a little high).

Why do I mention all of this?  Does anyone know of a Mailing List  
Manager (MLM) that could take in an email, search the archive, spit  
back the top 20 results (plus FAQ and JIRA) to the person?  Then if  
the user finds the answer they are happy and we are happy b/c we  
don't have to answer something that has already been answered 10  
times before.  If not, they simply reply back to the MLM and it  
forwards on the original message to the list.  I briefly thought  
about hooking Lucene up to ezlm for this, but just didn't have the  
time.  However, if we could get our hands on an MLM that does that,  
maybe this would be one way to leverage all of that knowledge?  Any  

Maybe this is a good Google SoC project...


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