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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Tests, Contribs, and Releases
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 07:10:24 GMT

: Yeah, I hate to admit it and start another round of Maven vs. ANT,

Yeah, i guess i hsould have been more clear ... my question was not about
how we could improve the build system to ensure this happens ... my
question was about wether or not this behavior is desirable/intentional

It could be argued that contribs are not important enough for contrib test
failures to result in a nightly build failing (I have no strong opinion
about this).  It could also be argued that while it's good to run test
against the "core" on a regular basis (ie: in the nightly), test failures
should not in and of themselves block a release -- so the ReleaseTodo
doesn't need to include any mention of running tests (I would argue
against this position very strongly)

So the question remains, regardless of what build system we have now, or
may choose to have in the future: is the current behavior desirable, or do
we want contrib-tests to be run more often, and do we want to make it a
"policy" that tests should be run when building a release?


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