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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: IndexReader.isCurrent in presence of many files
Date Sat, 12 May 2007 00:10:54 GMT

: If this really turns to be related to having many files in the index
: dir, could we maintain SEGMENTS_N files in a sub-directory..?

I haven't done much experimenting / performance testing of File
operations in Java, but just from looking at the java1.4.2 javadocs it
seems like it *might* be possible to make the FindSegmentsFile class
faster if line 504 (of r518529) used a FilenameFilter.

I say might because:
  1) i have no idea how Java uses the filter udner the covers when dealing
     with the filesystem .. worst case it would help keep the array size
  2) it's not immediately clear to me if that code path is ever used ... i
     suspect most clients are using the lucene Directory constructor and
     not the constructor ... Directory.list does not support
     FilenameFilters. so we can't try the same thing on that code path
     with making some other changes.


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