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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Nightly javadocs not being updated?
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 18:36:58 GMT

: think the issue that me and some others have is that the Forrest docs
: and the Java docs feel like a bit more than just developer resources,
: even if they are based on nightly checkouts of the docs and source.
: The zones URL is quite clunky, for starters (although, I am sure that

right, longer to paste in an email when pointing someone to javadocs, and
less search engine friendly because of the added port and path.

: could be fixed), and it hasn't always been stable.  Plus, my
: understanding of watching the infra. thread on the issue was that

...which was my other concern.  serving flat files off of httpd on seems more stable then searving them out of Hudson
running in a virtual server (less things that can fail)

I really wasn't trying to make a big deal out of it ... if getting the
nightly javadocs onto under the old path is
hard, or complicated, or error-prone to set up, then by all means let's
not worry about -- i just figured if hte nightly build is already scping
the forrest generatd docs over to it doesn't seem like
it would be that hard to scp the javadocs as well right?


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