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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject RE: IndexWriter shutdown
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 16:29:56 GMT
Michael Busch wrote on 17/May/2007:

> public static class ExtendedFSDirectory extends FSDirectory {
> ...
> public void flushBuffer(byte[] b, int offset, int size)
>      throws IOException {
>   if (ExtendedFSDirectory.this.interrupted) {
>     throw new IndexWriterInterruptException();
>   }
>   super.flushBuffer(b, offset, size);
> }

Steven Parkes wrote on 22/may/2007:

> I think something like what Michael has suggested is a good
> idea, but I would be in favor of putting it in the core,
> rather than making it a derived thing for a single Directory
> implementation. Seems to me like it's a pretty small code
> change for a very nice thing to have. Doesn't seem to add
> much complexity.

I was thinking of how this can be made a "core logic". If we
regard the "shutdown()" op/status as system wide, ie static,
perhaps the shutdown feature can be supported only for
implementations of BufferedIndexOutput?

If so, would it work to check for a shutdown request in
two locations only:


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