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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Maven artifacts for Lucene.*
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 22:59:50 GMT

: Where and how would you store for example the dependency information
: that you would be using to generate the poms? For lucene java it is easy
: for most modules as there is only dependency to lucene-core but for
: example in solr, nutch and hadoop it starts to go beyond trivial.

Whatever files also need to be included along with the jars in order to
make the maven distribution complete that can't be built completley
dynamicly (ie: the md5 files) can certainly be commited into the
repository ... but if making a release requires a lot of manual upating to
those files, it's going to be a hinderane to the process ... things like
version number and date should ideally be filled in via variables to help
keep things automated.

jar dependencies are another matter ... as you say, for java-lucene the
issue is trivial since there are no dependencies, but for other projects
it could get complicated.  Solr (for example) ships with the versions of
it's dependencies that it expects to use, and in some cases these version
may not be official release versions that you would ever find in a maven
repository.  I'm notsure how apps that want to publish to maven but depend
on apss that do not publish to maven deal with this problem, but whatever
solution they use could also be used in this case.

...either way, it's a discussion for the solr-dev list, not java-dev.

: projects). IMO we should however try to look at the big picture also and
: not only try to solve the minimal part to get it out of lucene-java
: hands, because I am afraid that if the minimum is done here in
: lucene-java there might be caps to fill in other projects and the way
: things are done here is not usable in other sub projects as it is.

each project has it's own community ... even if you find a perfect
solution to every problem anyone in the world might ever encounter,
discussing it on java-dev does nothing to get your solution adopted by the
nutch, hadoop, or solr communities.


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