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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Maven artifacts for Lucene.*
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 17:50:29 GMT

: Couldn't we just add various ANT targets that package the jars per
: the Maven way, and even copy them to the appropriate places?  I
: wonder how hard it would be
: to have ANT output the POM and create Maven Jars.  I know it is

This is what i would view as the ideal situation ... a patch to the
current ant build.xml that caused the package-all-binary and
package-all-src to produce a new maven directory with everything we need
to copy ot the maven repository would be the best way to get people to get
on board -- it's hard to complain with something that requires no effort
to adopt.

if that same patch included a new ant target named
something like "publish-maven" which required key access to but took care of pushing the maven artifacts into the
exact right spot, that would be one less thing people would have to worry

: > 1. There are differencies when comparing to ant build jars (due to
: > release
: > policy of a.o) the built jars will contain LICENSE.txt,
: > NOTICE.txt in /META-INF. Is this a problem?

we should under no circumstances have two differnet jars calling
themselves "lucene-core-X.Y.0.jar" with differnet md5 sums ... that's
asking for a world of pain.  Fortunately there is an easy fix for this:
start putting the LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt files in the jar ... i think
there's already a patch for this floating arround in Jira.

: > 2. I propose that we add additional folder level so the groupId for
: > lucene
: > java would be (it is now org.apache.lucene

I don't really see the advantage of this ... Lucene Java has allways had
the *java* package org.apache.lucene, and my understanding was that
maven groupIds should attempt to match the java package structure of the
code.  likewise the other java subprojects have their own java packages,
shouldn't their groupIds match their pacakge structures?

As a side note: nothing discussed here really has any barring on the other
Lucene sub-projects, the individual project communities need to discuss
any changes to their build processes/policies .. but starting with Lucene
Java is the probably the right way to go ... if a simple solution is found
for our build file, it will probably lend itself to similar soluteions for
hte other Lucne projects that use ant.


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