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From Sami Siren <>
Subject Re: Maven artifacts for Lucene.*
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 19:48:23 GMT
Chris Hostetter wrote:
> Whatever files also need to be included along with the jars in order to
> make the maven distribution complete that can't be built completley
> dynamicly (ie: the md5 files) can certainly be commited into the
> repository ... but if making a release requires a lot of manual upating to
> those files, it's going to be a hinderane to the process ... things like
> version number and date should ideally be filled in via variables to help
> keep things automated.

This starts to sound like a plan that can work. I'll see if I can hack
something up as a patch fow a review. Do you think poms should live in a
separate dir or should they be spread across dirs (modules).

> jar dependencies are another matter ... as you say, for java-lucene the
> issue is trivial since there are no dependencies, but for other projects
> it could get complicated.  Solr (for example) ships with the versions of
> it's dependencies that it expects to use, and in some cases these version
> may not be official release versions that you would ever find in a maven
> repository.  I'm notsure how apps that want to publish to maven but depend
> on apss that do not publish to maven deal with this problem, but whatever
> solution they use could also be used in this case.

I have seen for example a solution where artifacts are published on
somewhere else but official repositories, but to be frank I don't know
what's the best (or at least acceptable) solution here.

> : projects). IMO we should however try to look at the big picture also and
> : not only try to solve the minimal part to get it out of lucene-java
> : hands, because I am afraid that if the minimum is done here in
> : lucene-java there might be caps to fill in other projects and the way
> : things are done here is not usable in other sub projects as it is.
> each project has it's own community ... even if you find a perfect
> solution to every problem anyone in the world might ever encounter,
> discussing it on java-dev does nothing to get your solution adopted by the
> nutch, hadoop, or solr communities.

I understand that there are separate communities. I am not saying that
everybody must accept the solution that will (if any) adopted by
lucene-java. But still I am hoping that we lucene-java won't
deliberately accept a solution that won't work for others (as you said
it: "if a simple solution is found for our build file, it will probably
lend itself to similar soluteions for hte other Lucne projects that use

 Sami Siren

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