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From Joerg Hohwiller <>
Subject Re: Maven artifacts for Lucene.*
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 21:43:59 GMT
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Hi Grant.
> Initial thoughts and then more inline below, and keep in mind I long ago
> drank the Maven kool-aid and am a big fan.  :-)
> I know it is a pain to a few, but realistically speaking there has not
> been all that much noise about Maven artifacts not being available.  We
> use Maven for everything we do and all I ever do when there is a new
> release of Lucene is put the new jars in our remote repository and
> everything works.  It takes two or three steps and about 5 minutes of my
> time, and would be less if I scripted it.  I frankly don't get what the
> big deal is.  

That was what I was thinking, too, when I asked on this list for somebody to
deploy lucene-highlighter 2.0.0 to central maven2 repo on 08.01.2007 21:37.
I also supplied the suggested POM for it.
Anyhow nobody was able to do this for me for over a quarter of a year now.
I think it is just a matter of minutes, but I do NOT have permission to do so.
What I did is to add it to the repository of my open-source project.
I am not an expert of rights and law and hope this is allowed according to
Apache License.

Anyways it would be easier to do it once and centralized instead of making all
maven+lucene users do this AND especially cause that they create
POMs on their own that will all be different. Finally maven users involved in
two different projects that did the same thing may end up with a conflicting
state if maybe the first project forgot to declare a dependency in a lucene
contrib POM.

In the end this shows, that the process must be made so easy, that it only takes
about one command to call. I do NOT care to much wethere this would be "ant ..."
or "mvn ...".

Best regards
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