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From Sami Siren <>
Subject Re: Maven artifacts for Lucene.*
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 15:02:46 GMT
Grant Ingersoll wrote:
> Initial thoughts and then more inline below, and keep in mind I long ago
> drank the Maven kool-aid and am a big fan.  :-)
> I know it is a pain to a few, but realistically speaking there has not
> been all that much noise about Maven artifacts not being available.  We
> use Maven for everything we do and all I ever do when there is a new
> release of Lucene is put the new jars in our remote repository and
> everything works.  It takes two or three steps and about 5 minutes of my
> time, and would be less if I scripted it.  I frankly don't get what the
> big deal is.  OK, it does save a few bytes on a server somewhere and we
> have our own group/artifact names (lucene/lucene), but chances are it is
> more reliable than trying to get it from one of the mirrors and it will
> be faster and the names are clear cut and easy to remember.  I would
> venture anyone with Maven installed has their own repository to store
> their own, private, artifacts, so it isn't like they need to add some
> new, complex process.

Yes it is true that many organizations use internal repositories (at
least from what I've seen), heck even every developer  has one
(.m2/repository by default), but IMO lots of benefits of maven are lost
if that's the way users in large utilize maven.

Like you are solving the problem for your organization by deploying
lucene into your private repository (on behalf of the developers using
you local repository) I would like to solve the problem more globally
eventually you could save that 5 mins of your time to do some more
lucene magic ;)

>> The next best thing IMO would be using ant build as normally for the non
>> maven2 releases and use maven2 for building the maven releases (.jar
>> files, optionally also packages for sources used to build the binary and
>> packages for javadocs) with related check sums and signatures.
>> To repeat it one more time: what I am proposing here is not meant to
>> replace
>> the current solid way of building the various Lucene projects -
>> I am just trying to provide a convenient way to make the release
>> artifacts
>> to be deployed to maven repositories.
> Couldn't we just add various ANT targets that package the jars per the
> Maven way, and even copy them to the appropriate places?  I wonder how
> hard it would be
> to have ANT output the POM and create Maven Jars.  I know it is
> backwards, but, it would be less complicated and could be hooked right
> into the ANT script and require very little from the RM.

For me it's more important to get where I am going to than some detail
that gets me there. So i would be very happy man if one way would be
adopted by the lucene community.

> If I'm understanding correctly, you want to change the whole package
> structure by adding one more level?  Wouldn't this break every single
> user of Lucene?   We are still on M1 but are in the process of
> migrating, which is not straightforward, but, alas, the writing is on
> the wall concerning M1.

We wouldn't touch the existing single maven artifact in the repository,
just would deploy the new artifacts under different gId, nothing
existing is broken on the way. We could of cource continue publishing
under gId 'org.apache.lucene' if so decided but I think it's more clear
if the subprojects are under dirrerent gId.

 Sami Siren

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