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From Paul Smith <>
Subject Re: Large scale sorting
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 22:18:41 GMT
> Now, if we could use integers to represent the sort field values,  
> which is
> typically the case for most applications, maybe we can afford to  
> have the
> sort field values stored in the disk and do disk lookup for each  
> document
> matched? The look up of the sort field value will be as simple as  
> docNo * 4
> * offset.
> This way, we use the same approach as constructing the norms  
> (proper merging
> for incremental indexing), but, at search time, we don't load the  
> sort field
> values into memory, instead, just store them in disk.
> Will this approach be good enough?

While a nifty idea, I think this only works for a single sort  
locale.  I initially came up with a similar idea that the terms are  
already stored in 'sorted' order and one might be able to use the  
terms position for sorting, it's just that the terms ordering  
position is different in different locales.


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