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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: new query
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 21:39:33 GMT

you'll probably get more responses to a question about how to use lucene
if you use the java-user list (the java-dev list is for discussing
deevelopment of the core lucene library)

: How to search numbers using Lucene API
: I an using a demo application so as to search the documents but when i
: search the numbers or alphanumeric text it appends an empty space and no
: hits are returned any help would be appreciated

lucene allows for searcihhng anything htat can be expressed as a string
... if you are having problems with numbers and alphanumeric text then it
may be because of hte analyzer you have choosen .. searching the archives
will turn up a bunch of good info on diagnosing analyzer issues ... if you
have followup questions, please post them with examples of the code you
are trying and the input/output you are getting to java-user


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