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From karl wettin <>
Subject Re: Resolving term vector even when not stored?
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2007 11:04:42 GMT

17 mar 2007 kl. 08.15 skrev Doron Cohen:

> "Mike Klaas" <> wrote on 16/03/2007 14:26:46:
>> On 3/15/07, karl wettin <> wrote:
>>> I propose a change of the current IndexReader.getTermFreqVector/s-
>>> code so that it /always/ return the vector space model of a  
>>> document,
>>> even when set fields are set as Field.TermVector.NO.
>>> Is that crazy? Could be really slow, but except for that.. And if it
>>> is cached then that information is known by inspecting the fields.
>>> People don't go fetching term vectors without knowing what thay are
>>> doing, are they?
>> The highlighting contrib code does this: attempt to retrieve the
>> termvector, catch InvalidArgumentException, fall back to re-analysis
>> of the data.
> This way makes more sense to me.  IndexReader.getTermFreqVector()  
> means its
> there, just bring it,

They way I look at it the vector space model is there all the time and
Field.TermVector.YES really means Field.TermVector.Level1Cached.

Also, I would not mind a soft referenced map in IndexReader that keeps
track of all resoved term vectors. Perhaps that should be a decoration.


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