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From robert engels <>
Subject non indexed field query clauses? help wanted
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2007 21:00:59 GMT
I see that there is a lot of activity going on with query clauses  
(FunctionQuery, etc.)

Has anyone thought again about having a query clause that operated on  
stored (non-indexed) values?

It would seem that a query optimizer would want to evaluate these  
queries last, since they obviously would be "poorer" performing, and  
you would want to limit the number of documents retrieved.

I understand that this is not trivial, or may not perform very well,  
since you might have a query like

(+indexedterm +storedterm) OR (+storedterm2) AND (storedterm >=  
somevalue and storedterm2<=somevalue)

in which every document would need to be searched (to match  

I also understand that this brings Lucene closed to a db, but it  
would be really helpful in many cases, since it is not possible to  
evaluate ANY query against a document because indexed non-stored  
fields are not available to match against easily.

I am just out of time at this point to do the work required to do  
this correctly.

I am fairly convinced I can get our firm to offer a cash bounty to  
the developer who implements it !

Let me know,
Robert Engels

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