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From Michael Busch <>
Subject Re: Flexible indexing
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 22:54:01 GMT
Marvin Humphrey wrote:
> On Mar 12, 2007, at 2:11 PM, Michael Busch wrote:
>> I think our best option here is to have a closed XML file for the 
>> index format/configuration (something like you sent in your other 
>> mail) plus a binary file for custom index-level metadata like Grant 
>> suggested.
> Why the binary file?
Well, it's not needed for FI and storing the index configuration. Grant 
mentioned though, that he knows users who would like to have such a feature:

Grant Ingersoll wrote:
 > We may also want a binary index-level storage capability.  I know 
most people just create a single document usually to store binary info 
about the index, but an binary storage might be good too.

>> Btw, I'm not really familiar with YAML. Maybe you could explain 
>> briefly why you chose YAML over XML in KinoSearch?
> First, it's more readable.
> Second, it's designed for exactly this purpose.  It's a data 
> serialization language.  (YAML officially stands for "YAML ain't 
> markup language".)  XML can handle this task, but not as elegantly.
> Third, it's ubiquitous in both the Perl and the Ruby communities. It's 
> very close as JSON as well, so anybody who's done Javascript/AJAX 
> programming can grok it -- but even if you have no experience with it, 
> the fundamentals are easily grasped.  It's got sufficient market 
> penetration that it isn't going anywhere, so there's nothing to be 
> gained by going with the relatively more-established XML.  It has its 
> flaws, chiefly having to do with how it handles very complex data, but 
> XML has the same problem, and the kind of data we're talking about is 
> pretty simple.
> Last, it's a bit more compact, though that wasn't a major consideration.
Sounds interesting! I will take a closer look at it...

- Michael

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