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From Michael Busch <>
Subject Re: Flexible indexing
Date Sun, 11 Mar 2007 21:41:41 GMT
Hi Grant,

I certainly agree that it would be great if we could make some progress 
and commit the payloads patch soon. I think it is quite independent from 
FI. FI will introduce different posting formats (see Wiki: Payloads will be 
part of some of those formats, but not all (i. e. per-position payloads 
only make sense if positions are stored).

The only concern some people had was about the API the patch introduces. 
It extends Token and TermPositions. Doug's argument was, that if we 
introduce new APIs now but want to change them with FI, then it will be 
hard to support those APIs. I think that is a valid point, but at the 
same time it slows down progress to have to plan ahead in too many 
directions. That's why I'd vote for marking the new APIs as experimental 
so that people can try them out at own risk.
If we could agree on that approach then I'd go ahead and submit an 
updated payloads patch in the next days, that applies cleanly on the 
current trunk and contains the additional warnings in the javadocs.

In regard of FI and 662 however I really believe we should split it up 
and plan ahead (in a way I mentioned already), so that we have more 
isolated patches. It is really great that we have 662 already (Nicolas, 
thank you so much for your hard work, I hope you'll keep working with us 
on FI!!). We'll probably use some of that code, and it will definitely 
be helpful.


Grant Ingersoll wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> This is very good.  I know 662 is different, just wasn't sure if 
> Nicolas patch was meant to be applied after 662, b/c I know we had 
> discussed this before.
> I do agree with you about planning this out, but I also know that 
> patches seem to motivate people the best and provide a certain 
> concreteness to it all.  I mostly started asking questions on these 
> two issues b/c I wanted to spur some more discussion and see if we can 
> get people motivated to move on it.
> I was hoping that I would be able to apply each patch to two different 
> checkouts so I could start seeing where the overlap is and how they 
> could fit together (I also admit I was procrastinating on my ApacheCon 
> talk...).  In the new, flexible world, the payloads implementation 
> could be a separate implementation of the indexing or it could be part 
> of the core/existing file format implementation.  Sometimes I just 
> need to get my hands on the code to get a real feel for what I feel is 
> the best way to do it.
> I agree about the XML storage for Index information.  We do that in 
> our in-house wrapper around Lucene, storing info about the language, 
> analyzer used, etc.  We may also want a binary index-level storage 
> capability.  I know most people just create a single document usually 
> to store binary info about the index, but an binary storage might be 
> good too.
> Part of me says to apply the Payloads patch now, as it provides a lot 
> of bang for the buck and I think the FI is going to take a lot longer 
> to hash out.  However, I know that it may pin us in or force us to 
> change things for FI.  Ultimately, I would love to see both these 
> features for the next release, but that isn't a requirement.  Also, on 
> FI, I would love to see two different implementations of whatever API 
> we choose before releasing it, as I always find two implementations of 
> an Interface really work out the API details.
> -Grant

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