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From Nigel Daley <>
Subject Re: New Jira Hudson plugin
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 18:41:01 GMT
>> Jira issue numbers should now be hyper-linked to Jira.  Also, in  
>> the Hadoop-Nightly build I'm experimenting with a feature of the  
>> plugin that will update the Jira with a link back to the Hudson  
>> build in which it was integrated.  For example https:// 
>> now has such a link.  If  
>> other projects (Lucene, Nutch, Solr) want this feature turned on  
>> then please let me know.
>> More on the new plugin here:
>> hudsonjira_inte.html
> I'm not sure what is the magic behind this plugin - Nutch still  
> follows a simplified JIRA workflow (although in my opinion we  
> should switch to the same workflow as Hadoop uses), and this  
> simplified workflow doesn't contain "patch available" state.

Hi Andrzej,

I suspect you may be confusing this with the automatic build we do  
for Hadoop when someone submits a patch to Jira and marks it "Patch  
Available".  This new plugin has nothing to do with Jira states or  
our custom Hadoop patch build process.

Husdon has always noticed the changes that were integrated into each  
successive build.  For instance, look at:

This Jira plugin simply does 2 additional things.
1) Whenever is sees what is suspects is a Jira issue number in the  
build change log, it will hyper-link to the issue.
2) It can also add a comment to the Jira's that were integrated into  
each build, but this functionality has to be enabled for each build  
project.  An example of the comment it adds can be seen in this  
recently integrated Hadoop defect:

Let me know if you want item #2 functionality enabled for Nutch.
[ditto for Lucene and Solr, who I have cc'd]


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