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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Always gets first row in document instead of search hit
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 01:54:56 GMT

: Always gets first row in document instead of search hit ...
: Also the search does not work as expected.. for example nodeId should reqire
: 100% match but it still isn't checked.
: All help is much appreciated!!

you've sent a lot of code -- but thta doesn't mean it's clear what you are
doing, or what you expect -- particularly since we can't see your data.
if you are still having trouble, then a self contained example of hte
problem that anyone can run (preferable as a JUNit test case) wihtout
needing to guess what your input files look like is the best way to get

if i had to guess: i would suppose that your problem might have something
to do with the fact htat it seems you are only ever adding one "doc" to
your index .. every line of your file is being added to the same doc, i'm
guessing when you look at the doc you get back you are only looking at the
first value for each field and not noticing that *ALL* of hte values are
in there.


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