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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: FieldCache documentation/exposure
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 21:44:08 GMT
Guess there are no reservations on the subject; I'll enhance the
documentation of this mechanism.

> Hi,
> I am wondering about the exposure (or not) of FieldCache in the
> documentation. FieldCache is used by Lucene, internally, for sort
> Being an interface, it is also exposed as public API, but there seems to
> no pointers/documentation suggesting to use it. Well, except for a brief
> mentioning in the FAQ entry "The search is slow when there are many
> An application, could however, too, use that caching capability for, say,
> accessing a stored (external) ID field. See for instance this recent
> discussion in the user list -

> The application could access the cache e.g. like this -
>     FieldCache fieldCache = FieldCache.DEFAULT;
>     String f[] = fieldCache.getStrings(ir,fieldname);
> After posting a reply for that in the user list I thought about
> about this possible use - so application developers don't have to go and
> write their own cache for this, because Lucene already has that. Guess I
> wasn't sure if this is just a place where documentation can be improved
> (and junit tests added), or the FieldCache is for some reason considered
> internal implementation detail that applications should not rely on.
> Thoughts?

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