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From robert engels <>
Subject Re: [jira] Created: (LUCENE-798) Factory for RangeFilters that caches sections of ranges to reduce disk reads
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 00:15:07 GMT
You are correct on that point, but it seems rather difficult for you  
to do the range caching and have it work across any document updates  
(unless a lot more notification interfaces are added to Lucene), so I  
guess I don't see the point of your caching.

Given, a sample date range:

01/01/2001 to 01/01/2007

has a bit set associated.

If I did a query for

12/31/2000 to 01/01/2007

the current filter code would cause a new filter to be created (which  
is what I assume you are attempting to solve). Under you solution I  
would end up
with 2 filters

12/31/2000 to 01/01/2001  and 01/01/2001 to 01/01/2007

the problem is that the documents that match 12/31/2000 to 01/01/2001  
could be all other index - necessitating sparse bit sets, but even  
then I guess I don't see the benefit, unless you REALLY know your  
dataset, and if you do you could just create all of the needed  
filters ahead of time (but you would still need the code I added if  
your index changes at all).

 From my understanding of the Lucene design, filters are designed for  
common, frequently reused queries terms. if you attempt to trun  
everything into a filter I think you are going to have a hard time.

I may have a poor understanding of what you are trying to do though.

On Feb 12, 2007, at 5:59 PM, markharw00d wrote:

> Thanks for the pointer, Robert.
> Was that the "MultiSegmentQueryFilter enhancement for interactive  
> indexes?" thread?
> If so, was that not a solution to caching sets in the event of  
> variable index content rather than my approach which is for caching  
> sets in the event of variable query ranges? Maybe a mix of the 2  
> approaches is required?
> Cheers
> Mark
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