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From karl wettin <>
Subject Re: request for comments, 626
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 22:38:23 GMT

15 feb 2007 kl. 20.52 skrev Yonik Seeley:

> I looked at it briefly and said to myself:
> "Wow, cool!  I'll have to check that out some day." :-)
> Just a friendly reminder that lack of comments != lack of interest.

At least I don't have to call my mom for confirmation now. :)

> Perhaps a little more description of how things work, esp the adaptive
> part, might elicit some feedback (and if it's in the mailing list
> already, put a pointer to it in the JIRA bug)

There is not much except for the unit tests and the javadocs. The  
latter if fairly extensive. I'll try to build something from that can  
be read chronologically.

Also, this could be a good time to credit Bob Carpenter. I sort of  
kidnapped him as an algorithmic mentor for a while there. I should  
probably put that somewhere in the non existing documentation.

It'll be a hectic weekend.


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